Todd Half

Recovery makes a difference for so many!

Former client Todd Half was unsure what to expect in the beginning of his treatment or if he even needed treatment. Soon after his arrival, this young man began to feel empowered and humbled by all the gifts recovery brought.

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Todd was able to find balance and peace with in himself and has truly embraced his culture. Todd Half honored BIMRC with this elaborate “Chicken Dance” at his Marble Ceremony.

The marble ceremony signifies the completion of his 28 day program and the beginning of his new journey. His new discovery of self brings his soul to this scared dance.

This is a true testament of how finding “you” in recovery can illuminate who you truly are and embrace the life that you are meant to live.

Brenden Brown

“My name is Brenden Brown and in 2017 I was granted bail from the Edmonton Remand Centre to attend the Bonnyville Indian Métis Treatment Centre. At first I wanted to go to treatment because for one it would be better food then what we got in jail and second it was a way to get freedom.

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Little did I know that little old Bonnyville was going to change my life forever. During my time at treatment I was able to realize that I truly did have a problem with drugs and for the longest time I was in denial. I didn’t want to come to the conclusion that I had an issue with drugs. Because I was so ashamed, it was easier to deny than to face the fact. Once I admitted that I had a problem, that is where the healing journey began.

I am so thankful for the counselors that went the extra mile for me, they didn’t pass any judgement on me, the counselors were all ears and heart. On top of that, the house keepers gave the kind of love that comes from a mother. From hugs in the morning, smiles in the morning, and to even just acknowledging your presence makes you feel so loved. A simple good morning or have a good day goes a long way.

The counselors work really hard with you, if you are willing to put in the work. To helping you heal from past wounds, and helping you acknowledge what is causing you to use drugs or alcohol. The safe environment to share in is so easy let go and be set free from your chains.

One of my favorite things was the smudge and hugs in the morning it really helps you get close and personal with the group you are staying with. Growing up, a hug in the morning I rarely received or having someone to tell me they care. I got more hugs in my time at treatment than my 22 years on this earth.

While I was in the lifestyle of drugs, I was so sure that I had people around me that loved and cared for me, but it was all just a lie. I am so thankful that I was able to experience love from sober people. My first stay at the Bonnyville Treatment Centre was 8 weeks and every single week, I felt on overwhelming presence of love and healing. I later did a follow up for 4 more weeks and once again I felt that overwhelming presence of love and healing. Also, I don’t want to forget about the cook. She cooks with love everyday so you will be satisfied. She does her best to meet your needs. I do warn you be prepared to gain at least 20 pounds in your time there. The night attendants are very friendly and are good people to spend time with and talk to as well. They too have big hearts and ears.

This program saved my life and gave me a new life. If you are considering going to a treatment centre, I would highly recommend this one, if you have any questions please feel free to get my contact information from the centre and call me, even if you don’t want to talk about the treatment centre. If you want to talk about life with someone, don’t hesitate to call me.”

Stephen Camisa

“I came to the Bonnyville Indian-Metis Rehabilitation Center a very broken, scared and angry person. I came in with the idea in my mind that I was terminally unique with very little that could be done to help my situation and that there was very little in my mind that was going to change that. I was coming off of an over 17 year addiction and I had honestly given up on myself by that point.

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I was hopeless when I got there. Thankfully, the counselors at Bonnyville didn’t just read and learn about addiction in books or only know about it only intellectually. They all walked the road of recovery and understood where I was coming from, having gone through the journey of recovery themselves. With the kind and gentle guidance of my counselor Laura, I worked through my fears about surrendering to a new of life and she helped me become more vulnerable and able to seek the help I desperately needed.

Bonnyville gave me a solid cornerstone for a concrete foundation to my recovery. While I was in treatment, I was given the tools needed to realize that I was powerless over my addiction and how to get the help I needed to recover. I was given a safe and nurturing environment that allowed me rediscover the person I had lost to my active addition and how to live within society again.

After leaving, I was not been alone. Recovery has it’s ups and downs but thankfully I had the tools needed to get through life without having to use or act out. A large part to the tools, guidance, support and love I have received from Bonnyville Rehabilitation Center and all of its amazing staff!”

Rick Gadwa

“Hello my name is Rick Gadwa of Kehewin Cree Nation. My parents are Henry and Theresa. Dad was a farmer and my mom was active in the community as she was former chief of Kehewin, the second female in Canada. I was the 12th of 13 children. Life was good growing up on the farm as a kid and as I grew older, I ran into obstacles in my life with drugs and alcohol.

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I was fortunate enough to run into a friend and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Wade from Frog Lake, who introduced me to Pow-Wow. With the inspiration from my kids, and Vincent Rain whom I enjoy watching, changed my life. Pow Wow’s put my family and I on “The Red Road of Life”. It made me appreciate and enjoy my native tradition in dancing, which I used as healing and to strengthen my values with my family.

Pow Wow’s are a good way of life, as well as travel and meeting new people, which were both helpful along the way. I have donated my picture to my counselor Laura of BIMRC, who helped me with my sobriety as well as the rest of the staff at BIMRC. A drug and alcohol free life is the way for us all. Be strong, stay safe, one day at a time! Live life to the fullest! “

Rick Gadwa

“Thank you all, enjoy life!”

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