The Treatment Program

What You can Expect From the  Rehabilitation Program:

The Bonnyvile Indian-Metis Rehabilitation Centre approaches all aspects of recovery through Holistic Healing. Our rehabilitation program is for anyone that has a sincere desire in being free from alcohol and/or drugs.

This rehabilitation program is 42 days with Adult Co-Ed Residential and is based on the AA philosophies. Our vision for individuals leaving the rehabilitation centre is to be able to live a holistically balanced life while living an addiction-free lifestyle. The addiction program altogether follows a 12 step recovery process.


Take the First Step to Recovery

The Rehabilitation Program Includes:

  • An introduction to the basic principles of AA.
  • Lectures and audio-visual presentations.
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Group discussions
  • Workshops with the Elders
  • Culturally specific programs embracing traditional Native values and utilizing the Sweat Lodge and Sweet Grass.
  • Personal development
  • Speakers from Community groups and organizations
  • Recreation
  • In-house AA meetings on Wednesday evenings
  • In-house N.A. meetings on Monday evenings
  • Attendance of support group meetings is mandatory
  • Stress management
  • Team building through group sessions, self esteem and trust relationship workshops and lectures.

Read Some of Our Testimonials


Todd Halfe

Recovery makes a difference for so many!
Former client Todd Half was unsure what to expect in the beginning of his treatment or if he even needed treatment. Soon after his arrival, this young man began to feel empowered and humbled by all the gifts recovery brought. Todd was able to find balance and peace with in himself and has truly embraced his culture.

Brenden Brown

My name is Brenden Brown and in 2017 I was granted bail from the Edmonton Remand Centre to attend the Bonnyville Indian Métis Treatment Centre. At first I wanted to go to treatment because for one it would be better food then what we got in jail and second it was a way to get freedom. Little did I know that little old Bonnyville was going to change my life forever…

Rick Gadwa

Pow Wow’s are a good way of life, as well as travel and meeting new people, which were both helpful along the way. I have donated my picture to my counselor Laura of BIMRC, who helped me with my sobriety as well as the rest of the staff at BIMRC. A drug and alcohol free life is the way for us all. Be strong, stay safe, one day at a time…

Stephen Camisa

They (staff of BIMRC) all walked the road of recovery and understood where I was coming from, having gone through the journey of recovery themselves. With the kind and gentle guidance of my counselor Laura, I worked through my fears about surrendering to a new of life and she helped me become more vulnerable and able to seek the help I desperately needed…

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